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Wide Selection of Trees and Shrubs

Echobrook Nursery is a full-service nursery and garden center committed to serving both retail and wholesale customers. We offer a wide selection of trees, shrubs, and bushes in our facility for all your varied landscaping needs. We have of hard to find tree species, both weeping and topiary, as well as new varieties.

Our Trees and Shrubs

  • Evergreens
  • Large varieties of weeping and topiary
  • Unique, hard-to-find specimen and ornamental trees
  • Fruit trees
  • Flowering and ornamental trees
  • Shrubs and bushes

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WBE/DBE Certified Business

Our Selection of Conifers

Green Spiral Silver Fir
(Abies Alba Green Spiral)
Blue Cloak White Fir
(Abies Concolor Blue Cloak)
Martha’s Vineyard Alpine Fir
(Abies Lasiocarpa Marthas Vineyard)
Green Mountain Boxwood
(Buxus Green Mountain)
Blue Cascade Atlas Cedar
(Cedrus Antlatica Blue Cascade)
Glauca Pendula Atlas Cedar
(Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula)
Green Arrow Weeping Alaskan Cedar
(Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis Green Arrow)
Van Den Akker Weeping Alaskan Cedar
(Chamaecyparis Nootkatensis Van Den Akker)
Bess Hinoki
(Chamaecyparis Obtusa Bess)
Confucious Hinoki
(Chamaecyparis Obtusa Confucious)
J.R. Hinoki
(Chamaecyparis Obtusa JR)
Kosteri Hinoki
(Chamaecyparis Obtusa Kosteri)
Blue Star Juniper
(Juniperus Blue Star)
Wichita Blue Juniper
(Juniperus Wichita Blue)
Candelabra Rocky Mtn. Juniper
(Juniperus Scopulorum Candleabra)
Tolleson’s Weeping Rocky Mtn. Juniper
(Juniperus Scopulorum Tollesons Weeping)
Blue Star Flaky-Bark Juniper
(Juniperus Squamata Blue Star)
Weeping Larch
(Larix Decidua Pendula Weeping Larch)
Aurea Jacobsen Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Aurea Jacobsen)
Big Wave Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Glauca Pendula)
Gold Drift Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Gold Drift)
Hillside Upright Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Hillside Upright)
Mac’s Gold Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Macs Gold)
Emerald Midget Brewer’s Spruce
(Picea Breweriana Emerald Midget)
Nana Serbian Spruce
(Picea Omorika Nana)
Baby Blue Colorado Spruce
(Picea Pungens Baby Blue)
Globe Colorado Blue Spruce
(Picea Pungens Globosa)
Lutea Colorado Spruce
(Picea Pungens Lutea)
Chamolet Swiss Stone Pine
(Pinus Cembra Chamolet)
Fastigate Swiss Stone Pine
(Pinus Cembra Fastigiata)
Blue Swiss Stone Pine
(Pinus Cembra Glauca)
Blue Dwarf Swiss Stone Pine
(Pinus Cembra Glauca Compacta)
Burke’s Japanese Red Pine
(Pinus Densiflora Burkes Red)
Blue Limber Pine
(Pinus Flexilis Glauca Pendula)
Hazeldale Column Mugo Pine
(Pinus Mugo Hazeldale Column)
Frank Austrian Pine
(Pinus Nigra Frank)
Gaelle Bregeon Austrian Pine
(Pinus Nigra Gaelle Bregeon)
Bergmannii Japenese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Bergmannii)
Fukai Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Fukai)
Fuku-zu-mi Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Fuku Zu Mi)
Blue Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Glauca)
Go Gin Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Go Gin)
Goldilocks Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Goldilocks)
Hagaromo Dwarf Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Hagaromo)
Ibo Can Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Ibo Can)
Ogon Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Ogon)
Weeping Norway Spruce
(Picea Abies Pendula)
Pent Azuma Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Pent Azuma)
Tani Mano Uki Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Tani Mano Uki)
Tempelhof Japanese White Pine
(Pinus Parviflora Tempelhof)
Bennett O.D. Eastern White Pine
(Pinus Strobus Bennett Ocul Draconis)
Horsford Eastern White Pine
(Pinus Strobus Horsford)
Ontario Eastern White Pine
(Pinus Strobus Ontario)
Sea Urchin Eastern White Pine
(Pinus Strobus Sea Urchin)
Kotobuki Japanese Black Pine
(Pinus Thunbergii Kotobuki)
Shirome Janome Japanese Black Pine
(Pinus Thunbergii Shirome Janome)
Irish Yew
(Taxus Baccata Fastigiata)
Fastigate Anglo-Japanese Yew
(Taxus Flushing Fastigata)

Our Deciduous Selection

Bloodgood Japanese Maple
(Acer Palmatum Bloodgood)
Red Lace Leaf Japanese Maple
(Acer Palmatum Laceleaf)
Jacquemonti White Birch
(Betula Jacquemonti)
Young’s Weeping Birch
(Betula Pendula Youngii)
Summer Wine Ninebark
(Physocarpus Summer Wine)