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Top-Grade Mulch and Loam for Your Gardens

Fresh landscaping mulch will give your yard a fresh, well-maintained appearance. Mulch protects your landscaping investment, provides nutrients for plants and protects their roots while also preventing weed growth and saving water by retaining moisture in the soil. Echobrook Nursery offers a variety of quality mulches for every application and bed size.

If your landscaping project requires a lot of mulch, call us today to order in bulk. At Echobrook Nursery, we accept bulk orders for pickup or delivery for a variety of mulches, as listed below. Our team is ready to help get your landscape looking great again so give us a call at (508) 791-5939 and let’s get started!

Bark Mulch

  • Black – provides excellent contrast to brightly colored flowers and gardens. Colored with an eco-friendly black colorant.
  • Red – pretty much carrying the same traits as black bark mulch, the red variety is also durable and colored in red using an environment-friendly colorant.
  • Hemlock – also colored in red, the hemlock mulch looks stunning against green backgrounds.

Please feel free to browse the wide variety of other products and services we offer such as Tree & Shrub Installation, Hardscaping, and even Interior Plant Design.

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