Great Pricing Available On Loam & Compost!

Loam & Compost

We carry quality 1/2 inch screened loam which is great for lawns, enriched loam for top dressing, and even straight compost to enrich existing garden soil.

If your project requires a lot of loam or compost, call us today to order in bulk. At Echobrook Nursery, we accept bulk orders for pickup or delivery for a variety of loam & compost types, as listed below. Our team is ready to help get your landscape looking great again so give us a call at (508) 791-5939 and let’s get started!


  • Vegetable Mix: a blend of composted top soil and manure, this mix is ideal for your veggie garden!
  • Garden Mix: is comprised of compost and top soil. This mix is especially good for flower beds and vegetable gardens.
  • Screened Loam / Top Soil: excellent option when you are installing your lawn or performing general planting in flower gardens.
  • Compost: a mixture of organic matter and aged manure, compost supplies essential nutrients to vegetable and flower gardens and further prepare the soil for planting of trees and shrubs.

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